Vimala Detox Bath Salts

Vimala Bath Salt contains Himalayan Pink Salt formed by an ancient ocean over 250 million years ago. This pristine detoxifying salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body.

Contents: 16 oz

Ref. #: Green57

Made in USA


This special blend softens skin, relaxes, soothes tired muscles and is exactly what the body needs for complete detoxification.

How to use

Pour half a cup of Vimala Detox Bath Salt into a warm running bath and soak for 20 minutes or longer. May be used in conjunction with Green Envee Synergistic Essential Oils, Vahati Carrier Oil, and/or Chakra E-Oils or in a foot bath.

Key Ingredients

Pacific Natural Sea Salt, Pure Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Sea Kelp Powder, Bentonite Clay

Skin Type

All Skin Types